GenZ Lithium 12.8V 50AH LFP Smart Power Pack



Part No: Description: Size (L x W x H)
Case Style: Weight:
GC12V-050LFP-SPP 12.8V 50AH LFP Smart
Power Pack
178 x 128 x 240 Aluminium case with
carrying handle


  • Quick connect Weipu 9-pin IP67 power/data monitoring socket
  • Internal cell temperature sensor
  • Quick connect external power loom which doubles as the charging loom
  • Ability to be assembled in parallel *
    * Refer to genZ design specifications

Designed in Australia for Australian conditions
LFP technology suits Australian conditions where high temperatures, long maintenance-free installation and rugged design are vital for performance in the feuild. Our tests reflect term storage solutions for maximum usage and discharge cycles. Data is based on QA test procedures in our Australian laboratory.

genZ makes the best use of LFP technology. LFP provides better performance in higher ambient temperatures. All genZ products are rated to work efficiently at 25° to 55° Celsius ambient


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